The Lower 48, Again

June 1 D

Let’s recap: Last year we traveled all over America and then spent the remainder of our time in the Puget Sound area. We visited with lots of our friends and family and enjoyed ourselves. We realized through this process that it is truly the people we missed. See our previous blog for more details on our travels: Visiting America (aka The Lower 48)

This year we wanted to do some things differently. Since our time in the Puget Sound area was going to be so short, we arranged to have a meet and greet at the  Renton History Museum  to be able to visit with people and to bring our community together. In preparation for this event we mailed some of the artifacts of our daily lives to our daughter in Tacoma, WA and reviewed our past blogs to publish them into a booklet form. We also planned and cooked a big feast with dishes that we would have eaten in the village. A Village Feast

Thanks to the support of many folks, and the use of our former neighbor’s kitchen, we were able to host a great event! People got to see some of the things we use daily, including our fur caps and Uluaq, look at some of the books we read about our area, and eat some amazing food. And, it was so nice to visit with so many people! Life is changing for everyone and it was good to get caught up!

The part of this whole process that was most interesting was to review our previous blog posts and note how much we have grown through this two-year process. To have been able to document this growth was humbling.

And now we start another chapter. We began in the spring of 2016 with stuff and now, three springs later, we are continuing our journey with yet another visit to the Lower 48.

The goal of our visit this year was to go places we didn’t get to see much of last year and to move our car up to Anchorage. This included a visit to the Oregon Coast, time in Spokane, and plans to drive the Alaska Highway. Whew! It’s a lot!

So by way of “Summer Recap,” let’s break this into three parts: Family, Alcan, Returning Home.



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