Selling our Home

My husband Greg moved often while growing up and never lived in one place for more than four years. My family was a bit more rooted and we moved every so often enjoying three different homes in the same area while I was growing up.

In our early married life together, we experienced a series of moves in quick succession – 7 moves in 4 states in 7 years until we found our “forever home” in Renton. We have lived here for the past 24 years – which when talking about a home built in 1910 is about 24 years of remodeling.

So, after years of living in the same house, we are now moving to Alaska. At this point we had to come to a decision: sell or rent……

This was a tough choice since we had developed our home into the place we most desired to be in a community in which we love to participate. A lot of love and effort was invested in transforming our home into the space it has become and developing our community ties. It has become a very spiritual place for us and is a place we are grounded, connected, and rooted to. Releasing our home is like releasing an extension of ourselves.

Many friends recommended holding onto our house and renting it out as it would give us the chance to try out our new direction and still have a fallback plan. The idea being distant landlords and attempting to manage a property from a remote village was not very appealing. We felt that holding onto our home wouldn’t allow us to focus our energies fully on our new direction and would most likely lead to micro-managing and frustration. Instead, we decided to find someone we could pass our home to that would love and enjoy what we’ve made, while having a vision of how to make it even better, and who would develop their own connections.

Part of this decision hinged on what a fantastic time it is to sell a home in the greater Seattle area. The scarcity of homes combined with a growing population has created a very brisk seller’s market. Additionally, having a unique and well-maintained home also worked to make selling a (fairly) quick and easy process.

As soon as we resolved to sell our home we received an amazing offer before the house ever made it on the market. And, it was an offer from someone we adore, who loves our home, enjoys the uniqueness we built into it, and appreciates the downtown Renton community. This relieved so much stress and worry about the future of our home! Please read – no sign, no staging, no photos, no publicity, and no loss of privacy. This left us the ability to focus on getting ready for our move mentally, emotionally, and physically (and packing).

Our one challenge with the process of selling has been to come to terms with the fact that we no longer need to focus on any of those other projects we still had on our wish list. It is now time for us to hand off our home to the new owners so they can begin their own wish list and make their own changes. One of the strategies we are using to remember the sweetness of home is to visually document the changing seasons. Here are a few images we have captured.

Clockwise from top L to R:The winter garden, Nootka Cypress, Roses and Garlic, Spring Poppies, Lighting our way…..

Next up…..the battle with STUFF……


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